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Intent of the Film:

17 Short Films About Breasts... the film's power lies in the surprising candor with which the women speak about some of the most intimate issues of their lives. Nursing, sexuality, aging and breast cancer are central to stories of the film. Making their private stories public it becomes an act of courage, and a gift to other women facing the same issues of breast cancer. Seventeen Short Films About Breasts is a profound affirmation of life.

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About the Film:

17 Short Films About Breasts propels the viewer into a cathartic journey covering the gamut, from the embarrassment of discovering one has breasts, to ownership, to a source of pleasure, to their functionality. It explores provocative questions with sometimes surprising & provocative answers.

The Filmmaker:

Award winning drama & documentary filmmaker Cathy Robertson moves into documentary feature territory with 17 Short Films About Breasts. Her filmmaking she brings years of shooting drama for television. She has taught her craft at Emily Carr College of Art and University of British Columbia. She recently received the Unique Cinematography award from the Canadian Cinematographers Society.

“ Love this film. It is essentially Breast Cancer Undressed."


Produced,Directed,Written: Cathryn Robertson
Associate Producer: Colleen O'Neil
Art Director: Marti Wright
DP: Cathryn Robertson
Stills Photographer: Phoebe Gilday
Sound Recordist: Aerlyn Weissman
Editor: Edi Oshigan

Funded by: the Canada Council for the Arts
Running Time: 55:07 min. • Genre: Feature Documentary


Topics Covered: